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  Having started my driveway paving company in NJ  in 1959 driveways has been a lifelong experience for me. I've seen driveway paving contractors like mine, come and go over the years. Many times good paving contractors  failed to survive because the market often driven by fly-by-night's, scammers, unlicensed, uninsured Paving contractors demanded prices legitimate paving contractors
could not afford to give and still maintain the quality of their work . There businesses just dried up and blew away. 

  Many legitimate paving contractors went bankrupt trying to compete with the price Demand created by these scammers, At the same time I've watched while Unethical contractors thrived On work that fell apart in One or two years. 

  Then along came the Internet and while most legitimate driveway paving companies were concentrating on producing quality work the scammers concentrated on sucking the consumer in through the Internet with fancy websites, phony testimonials written by relatives and friends, low seductive prices, shoddy workmanship and Cheating on asphalt paving Quantity and quality

  Yes everyone will scramble for a low driveway price, People will wait outside stores sometimes overnight Punching each other in the face to be first in place for a big sale to begin. The passion for a low price is a scammers Dream. Don't let it be your worst nightmare.   There are prices that are not possible to achieve without drastically cutting the quality and quantity the paving material. In the paving of asphalt driveways it is very easy for the contractor to save three quarters of his material costs simply by using one fourth of the necessary materials while telling you just the opposite. This can lead to his saving as much as $1000 or even $2000 on a single asphalt driveway paving job. 

  So give yourself time to think outside of your desire for that super low price. Do some research, otherwise seduction by an passion for a low Driveway Paving price will get you almost every time and you'll hate yourself in the morning. There is a good reason why i included at the top of all my contracts this quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin.I first saw it prominently displayed when I was seven years old on the wall of Bert's butcher shop in Hillsdale New Jersey . I never forgot reading it, and don't you forget it either. Whether it's chopped meat at Bert's butcher market in 1946 or anything  you buy in 2015 .                                                                                                                                                                 

( The Bitterness of Poor Quality Is Remembered Long after the Sweetness of Low price is forgotten. )

 Driveway paving in Bergen County NJ and everything that goes with it is what we've done for more than 56  years. Allow me the  opportunity to offer you our professional commitment. We are proud to be a Paving contractor in NJ who
 brings value to the marketplace; value that is respected throughout Bergen county New Jersey. We are dedicated to honesty and  integrity and the best interests of all of our customers.                                                                                                                              

  When you think about driveways in Bergen County New Jersey call the professional  contractors at 201-664-2696. We are dedicated to providing you  with driveway designs that showcase style, efficiency and quality craftsmanship. We can resurface or redesign
 any existing blacktop driveways or build new ones from scratch. We at McFarlane Paving are well organized contractors. Our crew runs like clockwork to literally  create  some of Bergen counties’ most beautiful driveways using only the best methods, materials, and craftsmanship in all the  services we  provide.

  For over 56 years we has provided our customers with a commitment to the highest quality and creative  workmanship at a fair  price. If you have more vehicles at your home or business than your driveway or parking lot can accommodate we will help you solve the problem with an addition, extension, creative layout design or a completely new creation made  from only the best asphalt materials available with interlocking pavers, or a combination of both or with Belgian block curbing along  the  sides. 

  If you have water problems we can construct drainage systems  including dry wells, our company can construct them for  you. If  your sidewalks need replacing or you need a new pool  deck or patio we  can construct it as well. Hard to do jobs that  require  creativity and skill are a challenge to us. You can find photos and examples of our work as well as many reviews of our workmanship By  clicking on about At the top of our web page. You can Find us on Angie's list and the New Jersey Better Business Bureau Site  where  we  have  A+ ratings. If your driveway is looking tired and  worn we can give it a facelift and turn it into a source of personal  pride and  adds value to your home as well.

 Your home is always the best investment you can ever make financially and it’s one that you can enjoy with your family every day of  your lives. Be assured that our free proposal is offered with our intention to deliver to you the value that is inherent in our 56 year  tradition of quality service we honestly look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.  Should you have any questions whatsoever  please do not hesitate to call me at 201-664-2696 with our free est we will be glad to give  you a list of tips on how to secure honest  estimates that can prevent you from being a victim of the many dishonest contractors and  scammers that are unfortunately becoming  more prevalent in the industry. 

 Many things have changed since I started this business in 1959, but the quality of our work, our honesty  and integrity and loyalty to our customers best interests have not. I can absolutely  guarantee you that I will not cut the quality of my  work in any way so as to produce inferior work at a low price in order to seduce you  into buying our services. You will pay a fair price for  a top quality job.  Regards Peter McFarlane Paving

 Paving Services both commercial and residential               Parking Lots removed and Repave      
 Asphalt Paving                                                                         Belgium Block Curbing
 Grading                                                                                     CONCRETE Masonry
 Retaining Walls                                                                        Retaining Walls
 Trench Drains, dry wells, drainage systems                         Trench Drains, dry wells, drainage systems
 Driveway Resurfacing                                                              Asphalt Paving Remove & Replace  

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